I have carried on the historical narrative of my family by uprooting myself time and again from country, people, and home. This geographic uncertainty has been disruptive, yet invaluable in its contribution to my creative process. Thus, a vital concept in my work is the displacement from one's homeland and the experience of migration.

This series is the result of a process of observation and memory that began externally and moved inward. I examine the deconstruction and reconstruction of my identity as someone who has left her home behind to replace it with a new one. The work offsets images from the past with those of the present, as a metaphor for the evolution of one's identity. It examines the seam between the broken and the renewed, and exposes the divided identity that is unique to immigrants. I use the image of the window as a transitional element between the old and the new, and as a passage between inside and outside. Reflective as well as transparent, the window bridges between past and present, and enables observation from a distance. The paintings represent the passing of time, longing, and disappearing and reemerging traces of memories, all elements which are involved in the process of migration.