I have carried on the historical narrative of my family by repeatedly uprooting myself from country, people, and home. This geographic uncertainty has been disruptive, yet invaluable in contributing to my creative process.

In this series I depict a trail of images, which reveal traces of a nomadic experience. This visual exploration is a reflection of my external and internal journeys, as I conduct a dialogue with my changing environment.

What unites the paintings is a narrative of movement and transience; a way of thinking and seeing based on temporariness, breaking of sequences, and the blurring of borders and symbols. The paintings combine elements of a tangible environment, together with the untouchable elements of my memories and impressions; the separateness of a foreigner who is a present absentee.

The series reflects the realities of the human experience of transition, and invites the viewer to become the foreigner looking from the outside, creating their own narrative.