"Step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act" (Dr. Seuss)

The paintings examine the attempt to cope with processes of adaptation in a changing world. They express the endeavour to contend with a dynamic world that, while constantly changing, does not enable direction or an answer. The motivating force in these paintings is the power of personal growth as a center of gravity that maintains stability and equilibrium. For this purpose, one needs the ability to rise up, not only as a body but beyond it, as a symbol for an emotional state aiming to balance, as the fall is always concealed and lying in wait.

Personal growth is portrayed in the lengthened figures, extended as if from within to the edge of the canvas, as an expression of the developing connection to one's self and to others. In order to allow our attention to linger for a moment on experiences that evade us, the figures are frozen in place in perfect equilibrium. The rope that is tossed aloft remains frozen in space. This is the specific sensation one feels when life itself appears suspended in time. In the absence of movement, time stands still. The mental discovery at that moment exposes not only caution and fragility, but also passion and the courage to embrace the world with open arms, thus rising above the body.